Came Back Changed [TEAL]

All proceeds from this artwork go to Ukraine. 



Designed after the dumy, an epic poem sung by Cossack bards about family, community, dignity, spirituality, and morality, especially in regards to past wars and battles where they played the underdog against invaders. These blind kobzari (bards) played on the bandura instrument, similar to a mandolin, and roamed Cossack land telling the story of their people. 

Accompanying the kobzari is the nightingale, Ukraine’s official bird and its symbol of the coming of spring and the rebuilding of home. The kobzari is clothed in the vyshyvanka shirt, sitting amongst sunflowers, and surrounded by the lowlands, all national symbols. A blue and yellow ribbon is tied to the bandura’s headstock. 

Since the theme was rooted in Ukrainian history and folklore, I was focused on creating an ethereal quality like the mystical European landscape paintings, faded like old illustrations found on archive paper, but still with the animist atmosphere that I love most. 


  • Pencil: Pilot Multifunction Pen Dr. Grip 4+1, 0.5mm Acro Ink Ballpoint Pen, 0.5mm Mechanical Pencil, Ice Blue (BKHDF1SEF-IL)
  • iPad: iPad Pro 11-inch 2nd Generation (2017)
  • Procreate App
  • Brushes Used (All Procreate Basic Brushes): Syrup (Inking), Medium Nozzle (Spraypaint), Old Beach (Artistic), Artist Crayon (Sketching)



(I couldn’t find the songs or artists anywhere else)

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