General / 07 July 2020
  • What matters most to you? Fuels you? Centers you? Past commissions have spanned across clients' loved ones, fan art interests, favorite memories, heritage & culture, lifestyle, personal brands, and passions. Together, we can build any of those into detailed story and metaphor. 
  • Reach out to me via email,
  • We'll discuss the concept, mood, colors, and message that you're considering. I'll also provide ideas for concept, styling, symbolism, and storytelling that we can incorporate. Every piece always comes with a backstory and fine-tuned title. 

  • Pay for the commission via one of these platforms!

    • VENMO: @LiannShannon

    • CASHAPP: $LiannShannon


    • PAYPAL: LiannShannon (NOTE: PayPal transactions add a 3% fee to your transaction.)

  • The waiting list is roughly 3 months.

  • When I have completed your artwork, you will fill out shipping information and your artwork will head your way!